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The nonconsensual distribution of intimate photos is similar to offline voyeurism in many ways. Subscribe to our newsletter. In some states, but not all, voyeurs must register as sex offenders. They're not going to take the trouble of stashing the pics on an encrypted hard drive, no matter how much we tell them they should. If you haven't already heard, nude photos purporting to be of dozens of young Hollywood starlets, including Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Kate Upton, began appearing on the Web last night Aug. You may also want to go into your smartphone's settings to turn off the service that automatically backs up your photos to Apple or Google's servers, but that puts your regular images at risk of being lost forever if your phone is damaged, lost or stolen. That means that laws against hacking are insufficient to address this violation.

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We have a national predisposition to downplay gender as consequential.

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How to Prevent Your Nude Photos from Going Online

For anything sensitive, make sure you have a strong password for each: There is nothing new in this type of female dehumanization. They are a challenge to social norms that would perpetuate violence and subjugation, an old-fashioned word no one likes to use in the United States, on the basis of immutable characteristics. The photos, some of which have been confirmed to be real, are almost all "selfies" taken by the subjects themselves using smartphone cameras. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, in which sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability were finally added to federal hate crimes law.

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